Self-portrait at Frank Lloyd Wright's Studio, Chicago
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"Geworfenheit" installation     CJ Showroom Paris FW19    (Rue de Poitou, Paris FR. january 2018)
"Shadows of Liberty"     CJ Showroom Paris SS18    (Gallery Trois Bornes, Paris FR. june 2017)
"Here is no border only Dust"     CJ Showroom Paris SS17    (Espace Morin, Paris FR. june 2017)
"Yanks"     Group show     (RA Gallery, Antwerp BE. september 2014)
"Plains of Native Rites"     - video installation     (Gallery Maria Lund, Paris FR. june 2012)
"Muted Beliefs"     CJ Showroom Paris FW12     (Gallery Maria Lund, Paris FR. january 2012)

"Selfportrait as Lucifer"     Group show     (Wo-Men Art Gallery, Antwerp BE. august 2012)
"Saint Sebastian 1530-2011"     Group show     (Edelman Art Gallery, New York US. february 2012)
"Bring the boys back Home"     preview     (Gallery Maria Lund, Paris FR. january 2012)

Art Basel (Miami)     "Saint-Sebastian" Group show    (Art Miami, Miami US. december 2011)
CUM     Group show by Stuart Sandford     (VZ Gallery, London, UK. september 2011)
Trajector Art Fair     Solo presentation Yves De Brabander      (TAUT Brussels, BE. march 30 - may 01/2011)
ENTER     Groupshow #1      (Munch Gallery NYC, USA. jan 28/2011 - feb 20/2011)

"Until the End" - video selection ASVOFF     (Centre Pompidou, Paris FR 2011)
"Until the End" - video screening     (Glashaus, Berlin Fashionweek june 2011)
Instant. Fearless Project     Groupshow #2      (La petite Mort Gallery Ottawa, CA. 12/2010)
Art 'n Bloom     Groupshow      (Modo Bruxellae, BE. 11/2011)

"The Last Glacier" #1     for Cédric Jacquemyn      (Antwerp, BE. Island 2010)
Instant. Fearless Project     Groupshow #1      (Robert Goff Gallery NYC, USA. 2010)
"Viðrar vel til Loftárása"     for Cédric Jacquemyn      (Labels Inc Antwerp, BE. Island 2009)
East Village Boys      (NYC, USA. 2009 + 2010)

"Ecce Homo"     duoproject Soloshow      (Galeria Pauza Cracow, PL. 2008)
Retrospective screening     Soloshow      (Barinn Reykjavik, IS. 2007)
"Accident at the gym"     Show-wall      (Popi Antwerp, BE. 2005-2006)
"Settled For Nothing Now"   Groupshow      (Bruno's Berlin, DE. 2004)

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