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"A Belgian photographer likes to capture emotion, honesty, and grit in his minimalist photos." (Albert Smith - The Advocate, LA)

"From Antwerp comes the minimalistic dormant boyroticism of photographer Yves de Brabander (…) his goal through photography is to uncover an emotional momentum-snap of the model's inner feelings through he channels through the style of the American snapshot- photographers in an updated and contemporary aesthetic." (Justin Violini - Fearless, NY)

Yves De Brabander
, the Antwerp-based photographer and filmmaker whose training and initial achievements in fine art photography have more recently been complimented by a growing reputation as a fashion photographer.

Even in his initial bodies of work he often introduced vehemently sensual subject matter. Yet, the erotic is often shown as coexisting side-by-side with its own self-conscious reflection. In the particular staging and through odd domestic or other elements introduced into his images there is something that seems to be pointing us in the direction of recognising that the erotic fundamentally remains an unrealisable idea; that in trying to realise the ultimate image of the erotic, there is always some element of the realisation that will forever draw the reality back into the realm of Readers Wives. Sexuality may be normative and normalised and yet, simultaneously, this is what divorces it from the entirely cerebral form of excitement that seemingly simple images can produce.

Neither his fashion nor non-fashion works are easily placed into a single category. Drawing on art history, erotic traditions or the iconography of other media forms – such as cinema- they often have a narrative aspect built into their manifestation without ever being transparently illustrative or suggesting a singular reading.

In both his fashion photography and the works that exist more in the realm of photography as an artistic medium, there is a certain framing and tone that is cinematic. This is not surprising given that film often seems to inform his work, readily seen in fashion stories with titles such as ‘French Movies’. But, this is less in the sense of either being a means of reconstructing imagery from recognisable films or using the fashion shoot as a storytelling device – a photo-roman with good clothes – both of which approaches are now familiar territory within fashion’s canon. Rather there is something in Yves De Brabander’s work in which it is not that which is fully explained that is important but rather that which is not that forms a central part of its communication, operating at times, exactly like the kind of French cinema to which the title of a particular fashion series refers.

Yves De Brabander is represented by Munch Gallery, NYC. His work has been shown internationally and both his fashion and art photography has been published in leading international publications.

In 2011 & 2012 his contemporary interpretation of Saint-Sebastian travelled the world and was shown during the provocative group exhibition exploring the evolving interpretation of St. Sebastian from the Renaissance to the present. " , anchored by Titian's portrait from c. 1530, at both Art Basel Miami Beach (2011) and Edelman's Gallery NYC (2012)

Yves de Brabander, Antwerp, Belgium
yves @ photoaddict.be

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