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"A Belgian photographer likes to capture emotion,
honesty, and grit in his minimalist photos."
(Albert Smith - The Advocate, LA)

Yves De Brabander (°1976) traded in his seaside roots for Belgium’s very own Big Apple: Antwerp. In 1998 he graduated cum laude in photography. As suggested by friends, he founded Photoaddict in the fall of 2002. Yves’ main influences are Larry Clark and the great snapshot-photographers of the eighties. His style is similar: emotional, honest and dreamy, but primarily straight-to-the-point, simple and minimalist. His web space, bursting with beautiful boys, would become widely-known very quickly.

"From Antwerp comes the minimalistic dormant
boyroticism of photographer Yves de Brabander (…)
his goal through photography is to uncover an emotional
momentum-snap of the model's inner feelings through he
channels through the style of the American snapshot-
photographers in an updated and contemporary aesthetic."
(Justin Violini - Fearless, NY)

In 2006 his photos were published in the prestigious VISIONS – Contemporary Male Photography book, published worldwide by the Berlin publisher Bruno Gmünder. Yves is the only Belgian included in this catalog, as a result of which he received close attention from the (inter)national press. He works for fashion – in close cooperation with some Antwerp Fashion-Academy students – as well as for personal projects. His project “Ecce Homo” (Cracow, Poland) brings Christian saints and mythological characters to life, easily recognizable because of the composition of the picture or the typical elements that accompany them, although they are represented in a contemporary way. His series “Hotel Suite #.” (2009-2010) , sometimes fragile, sometimes provocative, but will leave no one unmoved.

"I tend to isolate, mentally locking the model up
in a place far from home (...) creating a fashionable
semi-erotic report of individuals in an environment
they have never seen before."
(Kit Bond - Global Art Exhibit, Seattle)

Yves de Brabander, Antwerp, Belgium